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Social Value – Business Charters

Their Social Value Charter further promotes their commitment to delivering social value within the Construction industry. The Charter outlines their key commitment areas to ensure Social Value becomes fully embedded within their organisation.

The Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility is a set of guiding principles which Birmingham City Council has adopted.

Its aim is to boost the local economy by maximising the social value the council obtains from its £1billion purchasing power by making that money work as hard as possible for the economic, social and environmental benefit of Birmingham’s citizens.

“The aim of this policy is to set out how Coventry City Council will deliver social value through its commissioning and procurement activities and to set out the Council’s priorities in relation to social value.”

“This Charter describes the spirit, style and behaviours we will adopt and will expect our partners/suppliers to adopt as we jointly work together in an open, positive and honest manner to maximise the level of customer satisfaction and value.”

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