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Social Value – Impact Measurement

theory of change SIB

This document is aimed at helping organisations that are looking to develop their own social impact measurement and reporting. It draws on a wide body of existing research to set out the fundamentals of measuring impact and working with results.

The report describes the benefits and challenges faced by social entrepreneurs tackling social impact measurement for the first time. Read more about PwC’s Centre for Social Impact here

A practitioner perspective on measuring social impact, By Stephen Russell, Research Manager, Midland Heart

This report places robust values on the social impact of community investment activities. It includes values as well as practical guidance on how to apply them to achieve a basic assessment of social value.

The paper explains the Wellbeing Valuation approach, provides details of the datasets that the analysis draws on, describes the statistical method in technical detail, and introduces the broader theory behind social impact

The spreadsheet acts as a tool that gives users a simple way to apply the values contained in the Social Value Bank as described in the Measuring the Social Impact of Community Investment Methodology Paper.

As housing providers move from an era of top down regulation and directed investment towards greater autonomy and diversity of approach, defining social purpose and evidencing the extent to which they are achieving impact is becoming increasingly important.

Shared measurement involves charities and social enterprises working on similar issues, and towards similar goals, reaching a common understanding of what to measure, and developing the tools to do so. This report defines what we understand shared measurement to be and identifies the benefits and challenges associated with it.

This report reviews developments in shared measurement following the publication of Inspiring Impact’s Blueprint for shared measurement and presents our framework for assessing if a sector is an appropriate candidate for shared measurement.

Measuring Up is a straightforward, step-by-step self-assessment tool that allows you to review and improve your organisation’s impact practice – that is, the way you plan, evidence, communicate and learn from the difference that your work makes. Measuring Up has been designed specifically for charitable organisations and social enterprises, whatever their size, sector or budget.

This report tracks the cost benefit of the four local authority community development teams, identifying, supporting and nurturing volunteers within their areas to take part in local groups and activities, improving the lives of people in the wider community.

The main aim for the report was to get a snapshot of how leading organisations are building their social programmes, and the degree to which they are seeking to put a financial value on their social programmes.

For more information about Impact Measurement and Social Return on Investment visit the SROI Network here

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